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Bussiness Service Office at the University of Montenengro

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R&D Service Centre at the University of Montenegro (Center)
Univerzitet Crne Gore
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• Promoting and enhancing research culture at the University, values, research mission and vision and leadership
within the priorities of the University, in cooperation with the Advisory Board of the Service Centre
• Organisation and preparation of university planning in research, and development of key research policies
• Collecting information and reporting related to research activities at the University level, development of
measures for the progress and efficiency of research, developing central research database for monitoring
project proposals submitted to different agencies, publications and citations
• Financial, department and other administrative services, including management of human resources and
major procurement at the University level
• Promoting research at the University level (PR)
• Supporting researchers in preparing project proposals
• Organising workshops intended for writing project proposals, which will be led by leading experts, organising
research training and mentorship on how to conduct good research , financial capabilities and responsible
conduct of research contracts
• Orientation of new researchers
• Monitoring coordination of the University activities with standards related to human and animal case studies,
toxic substances and environmental hazards
• Encouraging and coordinating interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research, with the assistance of the Service
Centre Advisory Board
• Enabling participation of faculties in the research expert database, in co-operation with faculties and institutions
• Maintaining links with Government agencies in order to enable the University to fill its role in economic and
social development
• Negotiating major contracts with foundations and industry
• Commercialisation of research, including intellectual property rights, in order to facilitate the conduct of research
supported by industry.

Name email Host institution
true Jacimovic Vladimir rdcentar@ac.me Univerzitet Crne Gore
Knezevic Tatjana Univerzitet Crne Gore
Vujicic Jovana Univerzitet Crne Gore

• Implementation of several European projects;
• Support in applying for several European projects to different units of the University of Montenegro;
• Organisation of different training at the University of Montenegro;
• Promotion of research potentials of the University of Montenegro;
• Support in the development of certain strategic documents at the University of Montenegro

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Cetinjski put 2, 81000 Podgorica, Crna Gora
+382 20 414 247