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Laboratory of ichthyology and marine fisheries –Institute for Marine Biology (Laboratory)
Univerzitet Crne Gore
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The Laboratory of ichthyology and marine fisheries currently employs four doctors of science, one PhD student and one
technician. Research conducted within the Laboratory incorporate pelagic and demersal resources, as well as crustaceans
and cephalopods habitats in the southern Adriatic, i.e Montenegrin coast. Long term monitoring of fish population,
its distribution and abundance is conducted within the Laboratory, while special attention is given to economically
significant species, whose biology, ecology and population dynamics are thoroughly studied.
The Laboratory conducts research on qualitative and quantitative composition of ichthyoplankton (eggs, larvae and fish
postlarvae), which represents one of the most sensitive stage in the life cycle of fish.
Scientific and research work of the Laboratory provided participation in many national and international projects. Research
and research results were recognized by the Ministry of Science and the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development
as very significant for development of marine fisheries and sustainable management of the existing resources.

Name email Host institution
true Joksimovic Aleksandar acojo@ac.me Univerzitet Crne Gore
Djurovic Mirko Univerzitet Crne Gore
Ikica Zdravko Univerzitet Crne Gore
Markovic Olivera Univerzitet Crne Gore
Pesic Ana Univerzitet Crne Gore

• Population dynamics, biomass and MSY evaluation (maximum allowed level of exploitation) of economically significant
species of fish, crustaceans and cephalopods
• Composition of discards
• Management measures for marine living resources and their conservation based on the principles of sustainable
• Analysis of the spawn composition in the Bay of Kotor
• Biomass evaluation of the pelagic resources, using the DEP (Daily Egg Production) method, as well as acoustic method
(echo sounding)
• Determination of the selectivity and harmfulness of a certain fishing gear
• Monitoring of new species in south Adriatic

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+382 32 334 569