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Laboratory for automatization and mechatronics (Laboratory)
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The aims of the laboratory for automatization and mechatronics are research, commercial affairs and services, and education
of students and external users, in the following areas:
• Technical measurements
• Data acquisition
• Data processing
• Tasks of machines and processes management
• Improvement of management tasks of machines and
• Design and management of automatized machines
and devices
• Design of mobile robots and management
• Vibrations analysis
• Technical diagnostics
• LLL courses in the following areas:
• Pneumatics, basic level (supported by FluidSIM-P software)
• Pneumatics, advanced level (supported by FluidSIM-P
• Electropneumatics, basic level (supported by Fluid-
SIM-P software)
• Electropneumatics, advanced level (supported by FluidSIM-
P software)
• Measurements in pneumatics
• Pneumatic servo-positioning, basic level
• Pneumatic servo-positioning, advanced level
• Hydraulics, basic level (supported by FluidSIM-H software)
• Hydraulics, advanced level (supported by FluidSIM-H
• Electrohydraulics, basic level (supported by FluidSIMH
• Electrohydraulics, advanced level (supported by FluidSIM-
H software)
• Measurements in hydraulics
Courses in the following areas are under preparation:
• PLC and PLC programming, basic level
• PLC and PLC programming, advanced level
• Mechatronics
• Process automatization

Name email Host institution
true Mijanovic Markuš Marina marinami@ac.me Mašinski fakultet
Mijanovic Zoran zoranm@ac.me Elektrotehnički fakultet
Skupnjak Darko skupnjak@t-com.me Mašinski fakultet
Tomovic Radoslav radoslav@ac.me Mašinski fakultet

• Numerous management systems have been designed and implemented.
• A number of machines and devices have been designed for industrial partners.
• Technical diagnosis of the production equipment in the Thermal Power Plant Pljevlja is done on a regular basis.
• Among other, on-going work is done on the development of a field mobile robot.

Contact person
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Džordža Vašingtona bb, 81000 Podgorica, Crna Gora
+382 20 220 734